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Today’s auction industry has grown larger and more complicated than ever. But regardless of that, it is our belief that professionalism, friendly attitude, and honest representation will still prevail as the major elements of a successful auction.

Adhering to that philosophy, along with maintaining a strong competitive spirit, Jim Isley raised in the Monroeton community on a family farm, became the first and only individual from Rockingham County to win 110 American & World Championship titles in the Pro Rodeo & Horse Show Industry. Although, still very much involved as a Trainer,  Judge, Appraiser, and Auctioneer of horses and other livestock – Jim has expanded his sales ability to also include estates, real property, consignments, bankruptcies, automobiles and equipment.

Because of his personal and business contacts nationwide, he has also proven to be very productive in the Benefit and Charitable Auctions that he has organized.
Jim is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina. It would be an honor and privilege to discuss your upcoming auction with you. Please feel free to contact Jim at  336-342-4804 or use our contact us page of this website.

Jim Isley Horse Training

We, at Jim Isley Training Center are certainly not big or fancy. Our shed row barns and small indoor arena overlook the outdoor arena that was built in the early 80s. I live in a nearly 100 year-old farmhouse that was here when my dad bought the place when I was still a pup. We’ve tried to stay pretty simple.I knew that I would have to specialize in something. But, being a true cowboy at heart, I have been blessed or cursed, with a very short attention span, which can severely affect a one event specialization training program.Eventually, after several failed attempts to mold horses into our and the owners sometimes unrealistic expectations, it occurred to me that life would be much simpler and a lot more enjoyable to limit myself to riding only horses that I felt could mentally and physically meet the requirements of their chosen event or discipline.The other part of the equation is owner/trainer relationship. In our opinion, this is the most important part. We must have the same goals and expectations in order to attain a level of success that we both can be proud of. Fortunately, this simple formula has worked and continues year after year.Not only have we been blessed enough to have won 110 World & National titles from Pleasure to Cutting, Showmanship to Roping, Working Hunter to Working Cow, we have been truly blessed to have clients who have turned out to be long lasting true friends in every sense of the word. This is what we are most proud of and very humbled by, and we would like to sincerely say thank you.Please contact us if we can help with your training or showing needs. All breeds & disciplines welcome.  Quality Show, Trail and Cow Horses for sale or lease at all times.

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